Cooking Course by Cookionista: The Latest from the Bratwurst Kitchen

The latest from the bratwurst kitchen - Modern variations of a Franconian classic

A mid-day cooking course providing lunch and new recipe ideas for the Nuremberg bratwurst.

Why is the Nuremberg bratwurst so small? Which spices create its fine yet hearty taste? At the lunch-time cooking course "The Latest for the Bratwurst Kitchen", you'll hear the most intersting stories about the local sausage specialty and discover modern recipe ideas using this classic Franconian food.

Working together, you'll prepare a delicious bratwurst salad, bake a crispy bratwurst-sauerkraut-pie and cook sausages in a honey-basamic sauce. Afterwards, you'll enjoy waht you've prepared at a delicious mid-day meal. All the recipes are available exclusively for participants in the cookionista app, so you can prepare them at home.

Dates:  cookionista event calendar
Includes: Lunch, water & coffee
Optional: A vegetarian meal
Price: 29 € per person

Individual dates for groups from 4 - 100 people are available upon request

The cooking course is part of you full-day offering "Culinary Nuremberg - Discover Nuremberg with Delight" and can be booked individually or as a full-day-package.

You can book by telephone at +49 911 888161, per email at, at the web address or buy tickets at the Tourist Information at Königstraße 93 and Hauptmarkt 18.