Cooking Class: Street Food

Street food is much more than fast food! In our cooking class, we’ll prepare the finest foodie delicacies: Quick, delicious and to go.

Line up at the van, take it in your hand! In Asian countries, street food is a culinary tradition. The latest street food cuisine is a modern variation of the street kitchen. Street food has taken fast food from a take-out and advanced it to a creation worthy of foodies and the finest delicatessen. Food trucks, street food markets and festivals delight with their new recipes and exciting concepts. And this trend fits the zeitgeist: Quick, creative food from the highest quality ingredients. Everyone can choose a personal favorite and enjoy together. A new culinary sense of togetherness! At our street food cooking class, we'll conjure up mouth-watering and easy-to-eat dishes to go.

Cooking class is in German!

Operator: Cookionista

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