Culinary tips: Volker Thiel

Read Volker Thiel's tips for Nuremberg tourists and hear what he thinks makes Nuremberg special.

How would you describe Nuremberg in three words?

Loveable Franconian metropolis

In your opinion, which culinary specialties does Nuremberg have that you can't find in other cities of its type?

In addition to the well-known Nuremberg bratwurst, it is oven-fresh Schäufele pork shoulder, sauerbraten with gingerbread sauce and - in months with an "R" (September-April) - fried carp.

What person dining tip would you give a tourist who is coming to Nuremberg? Is there something a visitor must try?

Naturally, the Franconian specialties I've described. And the Old Town Festival offers the widest selection and best entertainment while doing so!