Many national and international stars perform here, as well as young talent. The spectrum of jazz on offer is broad: From blues, swing and mainstream to the jazz of today.

The traditional venue is the “Jazzkeller” at Paniersplatz, located underneath the Nuremberg castle. With its historical, sandstone vaulted ceiling, it creates an extra-special live atmosphere. In addition, the Jazzstudio puts on concert series at a variety of other venues, such as the “The Art of Jazz” series in the Nuremberg Tafelhalle.

At a glance


Jazzstudio Nuremberg
Paniersplatz 27/29
90403 Nürnberg
+49 (0)911 23555541

Opening hours


Fr, Sat: 9 pm, further dates on request

Program announcement:
+49 (0)911 224384

 event calendar of the Jazzstudio Nuremberg