Market of the Sister Cities

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Since the Middle Ages, Nuremberg has been well-known for its internationality: Craftsmen and artists from all over the world settled the city and Nuremberg merchants sold their products throughout Europe. After the Second World War, Nuremberg strove for international contact as a contribution to international understanding and European unity; Nuremberg has dealt intensely with the past and the causes of the fact that Nuremberg is associated with the terrors of the Third Reich and has continuously developed its human rights activities through manifold activities and projects. One of these projects is the Christmas Market of the Sister Cities.

On the square just north of the Christkindlemarkt, the Christmas Market of Sister Cities adds some international flair. With a wide range of indigenous arts and crafts, stalls from Nuremberg's sister cities Antalya (Turkey), Atlanta (USA), Kharkiv (Ukraine), Gera (Thuringia), Glasgow (Scotland), Kavala (Greece), Krakow (Poland), Nice (France), Prague (Czech Republic), San Carlos (Nicaragua), Shenzhen (China), Skopje (Macedonia) as well as the partner communities Bar (Montenegro), Brasov/Kronstadt (Rumania), Kalkudah (Sri Lanka), Klausen+Montan (Italy) and Verona (Italy) take visitors on a journey around the world.

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Market of the Sister Cities
90403 Nürnberg

Opening hours

November 30 - December 23, 2018

Daily 10 am - 9 pm