Sabine Unckell A Love of Travel

I love my job. For me, it's also a hobby. Even as a child I played "hotel". And it's not only our hotel which is dedicated to travel and travelers, but I personally love to travel too. I especially love the north - Iceland, for example. I love to get to know new cultures and people.

That's one of the reasons I see my guests at the Best Western am Hauptbahnhof as friends, who just happen to have their own private room. Travel means new adventures, experiences, discoveries and a sense of freedom. That's why we have a lobby where everyone can meet and sit together and enjoy a snack or a drink. It's decorated with souvenirs from trips all over the world.

I personally find a great joy in service. I am a motivator for the team and someone everyone can talk to. My time at a Japanese hotel chain was particularly formative. There, perfect service, never saying no and an extreme form of courtesy set a lasting example for my concept of service.

I show you my Nuernberg Sabine Unckell- Best Western Hotel Nuremberg

Favorite Spots MyTips

© Ristorante Minneci

Ristorante MINNECI

In the summer, you can sit outdoors in a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city and enjoy Italian cuisine in a wonderful atmosphere.

© CTZ Nürnberg


I love to shop at Breuninger. In this store I find everything I could desire - both expensive luxuries and bargains - all right in the center of Nuremberg

© Christine Dierenbach

St. Johannis

The St. Johannis quarter is one of my favorite place. The buildings and squares there reflect the old and original Nuremberg, just as I like it.