Manuela Brode The Football Fan

I started to love football (a.k.a. soccer) when I was very young. I used to go to Bundesliga matches with my brother and when I took a job on the Seychelles, I could keep up the stadium atmosphere by shooting goals at a beach bar, even in that island paradise. So now, working right on the grounds of the 'Club' is an absolute dream. Who else has an office with a view of the training grounds?

My other passion, travel, I've turned in to a career. Experience on three continents, in seven countries and more than 20,000 photos mark my colorful and exciting life as an international hotelier. I am thankful for countless friends and breathtaking moments and I love to share this experience with my team and every new guest. At Hilton our motto is to welcome every guest and impress them with our hospitality, every day and at any time. My work in a global hotel chain and its worldwide network inspires me every single day. I love to visit friends and be a host.

We are a 'home away from home', for our international team members and for the business travelers, trade fair attendees and families who meet here for breakfast or brunch or stop for break during a long trip. Thanks to my fabulous team I can say that when you visit Hilton, you are always 'at home with friends'.

I show you my Nuernberg Manuela Brode - Hilton Nuremberg

Favorite Spots MyTips

Max-Morlock Stadium

I love the strange mix of calm and tension in the empty Max-Morlock Stadium before the teams arrive and the fans fill the seats. You can feel the excitement just before the fans come to life ... you really should experience their songs live sometime.


Lorenzer Forest

Sometimes it is important for me to take a creative break. What could be better than a stroll through the Lorenzer Forest, which is right next door? The sound of the wind in the trees clears my brain and frees it up for new ideas. And I'm still close enough that I can keep an eye on the hotel.