Dominik Maiser The Rock Star

My passion is music. My wife and I love to go to concerts and do so as often as possible. When it works out, we send the kids to Grandma and Grandpa and fly off to a concert. I sing in a rock band and play guitar and drums. Last year we even played the theme song for the sequel to the Nuremberg film classic "Macho Man 2", where I play a small supporting role as a police detective. Film is another of my hobbies. I've had the opportunity to act in a few productions already - even in the Franconian version of Tatort (N.B.: Germany's long-running Sunday evening crime story TV series). Right now I'm supporting a regional series with the title "Escape" as co-producer.

If I'm not making trouble with my music, then on my motorcycle: Somehow I've managed to collect three Harleys in my garage. Two of them are classic models and I spend almost as much time under them with a screwdriver in my hand as on the road. I spent a few years helping out a friend in his Harley repair shop, where I put together the oldest of my models. When I'm out in my free time, lots of people ask me about my tattoos. Not many expect that from a hotelier. They're of course something personal and don't have anything to do with my work life. The good thing is I can hide them under my suit!

I got into the hotel business with my family in 2001. We opened our first "Novina Hotel" in Nuremberg's Südwestpark. Pretty soon we added one in Regensburg, the Best Western Premier Hotel. In 2007, we bid for the hotel that adidas was building in Herzogenaurach. As a regional family firm, we were able to win out against two large international hotel chains and take over the hotel. The German National Football Team always stays at the Novina Hotel Herzogenaurach Herzo-Base when they play at Nuremberg's Max-Morlock Stadium. In 2009, we opened the Novina Hotel Tillypark, which was created out of an old sandstone barracks. In 2016, we opened the Novina Hotel Wöhrder See and a year later our first bed & breakfast unit from our new brand "Novina Sleep Inn" in Herzogenaurach.

I was born in Nuremberg and I'll stay true to her. There's no other place I'd rather live. That's why Nuremberg's always a great place to visit!

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Favorite Spots MyTips

© CTZ Nürnberg

Stillewasser Cafébar

"Dudu", the boss of the café, is the drummer in my band and a huge fan of excellent coffee and Brazilian cachaca. By day, this is a cozy café; at night a snug little bar with amazing cocktails and a great crowd.

© © Uwe Niklas

Rock im Park

Rock im Park - with its place on the fairgrounds, Zeppelin Field and around the Dutzendteich Lake - is another favorite place. For three days a year people live and let live and celebrate together. As a musician, it is the MUST event for me and my wife each year!

© CTZ Nürnberg - Daniela Fischer

Thomas Budach - Tattoos

For a lasting reminder of Nuremberg, my tattoo artist Thomas Budach is perfect. I think he is the best in the city. Sometimes I even visit him when I don't need a new tattoo!

© CTZ Nürnberg

Tiergärtnertor Square

The square at Tiergärtnertor has always been a favorite place, ever since I was a student. In the summer you can grab an ice cream and sit down right in the middle of the square. The atmosphere on a warm summer evening is hard to beat.