Dive into the impressive history of a town that was once a Free Imperial City and enjoy the amenities of a lively urban place that has more to offer than just a castle and gingerbread. Discover how harmonious the interplay of historic buildings and modern architecture can be on a walk through the Old Town. Enjoy the culinary delights of a city with a century-long beer, sausage and gingerbread tradition.

NEWS from Nuremberg

The city of Nuremberg wants to become European Capital of Culture 2025 and be together with the locals, the cultural artists and visitors from all over the world, the centre of European culture and life. "The application for the European City of Culture 2025 paves the way for the future of Nuremberg", says mayor Dr. Ulrich Maly. It will give the city the opportunity to develop...

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Every two years the City of Nuremberg honours the achievement of a group of people or a single person, who have committed themselves to human rights worldwide, often taking a high personal risk with the International Nuremberg Human Rights Award. The winner of 2017 is the former military photographer from Syria "Caesar".

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