Welcome to Nuremberg

It's the small special moments that make everyone happy. And many happy moments add up to a trip you won't soon forget! Whether it's a fine meal in a special atmosphere with warm hosts, a wonderful music concert under the open sky or an exciting discovery tour on a bike - Nuremberg offers the right moments of happiness for everyone!

Dive into the impressive history of the second largest city in Bavaria and enjoy the amenities of a lively urban place. Discover how harmonious the interplay of historic buildings and modern architecture can be on a walk through the Old Town. Enjoy the culinary delights of a city with a century-long beer, sausage and gingerbread tradition.

Live history can also be found on the Imperial Castle, Nuremberg's grand landmark. With the historic Memorium Nuremberg Trials, a documentation center in Court Room 600 is accessible to illustrate what happened during the Nuremberg Trials.

Nuremberg Videos