Further Places of Interest

Planetarium and Sternwarte Observatory

Fascinatingly close to the stars above – in Bavaria's largest planetarium. While sitting in comfortable seats in an air-conditioned 18-meter diameter domed hall you can not only watch a faithful reproduction of the starlit sky displayed by the most modern fulldome video projection equipment.

Fulldome-Technologie - Planetarium Nuremberg (Photo: Planetarium Nürnberg)

Fulldome-Technologie - Planetarium Nuremberg (Photo: Planetarium Nürnberg)


You can also observe the planets and moons in the solar system close up. And voyages to the depths of the universe are equally possible. The wide-ranging program of astronomy shows, science lectures and cultural history is geared to all age groups. 

Sternwarte Observatory

For over 70 years the observatory stood at the Rechenberg. It has various equipment for bringing the starlit sky down to the level of the visitors. With the aid of models, films and computer simulations, astronomical and physical processes in the universe are explained.

Regiomontanus-Sternwarte Nürnberg, Regiomontanusweg 1, 90491 Nürnberg (german site)


Pictures - Nicolaus-Copernicus-Planetarium and Sternwarte Observatory

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Further Places of Interest

Hospital of the Holy Spirit in Nuremberg

Heilig-Geist-Spital (Hospital of the Holy Spirit)

Established from 1332 to 1339 as a foundation endowed by the wealthy patrician Konrad Groß (“Imperial Mayor”) for the elderly and needy. Considered the largest private endowment by any individual before...[more]

Historic Rock-Cut Cellars

Historische Felsengänge (Historic Rock-Cut Cellars)

The history of Nuremberg is inseparable from the history of beer. At the end of a tour of the historic undergraound rock-cut cellars and the Hausbrauerei Alstadthof, you can try a traditional Nuremberg red beer.

Church of Our Lady at the Hauptmarkt in Nuremberg

Nürnberger Hauptmarkt

Farmers' market, Easter market, Autumn market, Christmas market. As in the olden days, there is a bustle of activity all year round at the Nuremberg Hauptmarkt. If you have some time to spare, despite all the bustle, you can enjoy the...[more]

Tanners' Lane in Nuremberg

Weißgerbergasse (Tanners' Lane )

Historical half-timbered middle class houses predominate, in testimony to the wealth created by the leathermaking trade.

Craftmen's Courtyard in Nuremberg

Handwerkerhof (Craftsmen's Courtyard)

Behind the massive city walls craftsmen traditions are still being cultivated in the small workshops. Pewterers, glass cutters, leather workers, gold and silversmiths, stained glass painters, gingerbread-makers, and a doll-maker offer...[more]

Casemates in Nuremberg (Photo: Ralf Arnold)

Kasematten und Lochwasserleitung (Casemates and Water Supply)

Casemates – defensive chambers inside the Renaissance bastions of the Imperial Castle – led to the medieval water supply conduits. The impressive, once secret water channels were used well into the 20th c.