Lorenzkirche (St. Lawrence Church)

Interior of the Nuremberg Lorenzkirche with a view of the spectacular tabernacle by Adam Kraft

Building begun about 1250. Originally built as a three-aisled basilica in the high Gothic style; later extended with an imposing late Gothic hall choir (1439-1477).


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View over the city of Nuremberg including Imperial Castle

Kaiserburg und Kaiserburgmuseum (Imperial Castle + Museum)

The Imperial Castle atop the rocky promontory above Nuremberg was one of the most important fortified imperial palaces of the Old Holy Roman Empire.

Germanisches Nationalmuseum in Nuremberg

Germanisches Nationalmuseum

Since its founding in 1852 the Germanisches Nationalmuseum has advanced to one of the largest museums of culturalhistory in the German-speaking world.

Craftmen's Courtyard in Nuremberg

Handwerkerhof (Craftsmen's Courtyard)

Behind the massive city walls craftsmen traditions are still being cultivated in the small workshops. Pewterers, glass cutters, leather workers, gold and silversmiths, stained glass painters, gingerbread-makers, and a doll-maker offer...[more]

The Way of Human Rights in Nuremberg

Straße der Menschenrechte (The Way of Human Rights)

The Way of Human Rights is entered through a stylized triumphal arch from the Kornmarkt and lined by 27, 8-meter-high concrete pillars. 

Hospital of the Holy Spirit in Nuremberg

Heilig-Geist-Spital (Hospital of the Holy Spirit)

Established from 1332 to 1339 as a foundation endowed by the wealthy patrician Konrad Groß (“Imperial Mayor”) for the elderly and needy. Considered the largest private endowment by any individual before...[more]

Dolphin Lagoon in the Zoological Garden Nuremberg

Dolphin Lagoon in the Zoological Garden

The Dolphin Lagoon is a most impressive 5.3 million litre salt water lagoon with a depth of 6 metres and a surface area of 1,100 square metres that has been designed to provide as near a natural habit for its residents. With seating for...[more]

Zoological Garden Nuremberg, Photo: Christine Dierenbach

Tiergarten Nürnberg (Zoological Garden)

Whoever has experienced the wide variety and idylls of Nuremberg Zoo will come back again. The elegant movements of the dolphins and sea lions in the dolphin lagoon, the tropical atmosphere in the manatee house and the feeding of the...[more]

The famous Sebald shrine (Peter Vischer) in Nuremberg

Sebalduskirche (St. Sebald Church)

Nuremberg's oldest city parish church was built around 1215 as a three-aisled Late Romanesque pillared basilica with two choirs. As early as 1309 the original side aisles were widened and altered in the Gothic style.

Church of Our Lady Nuremberg

Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady)

1355/58 Emperor Charles IV had the synagogue razed (pogrom 1349) and replaced by the first Gothic three-aisled hall church in Franconia, constructed as an imperial royal chapel.