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A pleasant walking tour through the Old Town offers information on the castle, the fountains, wells, the cities churches and art treasures as well as a flavour about the cities colourful past and cosmopolitan present.

Walking Tour through the Old Town of Nuremberg

Walking Tour through the Old Town of Nuremberg

Dates: April 3 to December 31,2015 (except December, 24)
Departure: 1 pm
Duration: ca. 2 hrs
Meeting point: Tourist Information at the Hauptmarkt
Price: 10,- € per person
Children under 14 free in the company of an adult.

Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Tourist Information or from the guide shortly before the tour.

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The "Verein der Gästeführer Nürnbergs e.V." also offers city tours in French, Italian, Russian, Hungarian and Polish.

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Explore Nuremberg's Old Town

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Historische Felsengänge (Historic Rock-Cut Cellars)


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The motto of the tours is "let history come alive with stories". The Lady Nightwathman is clad in cloak and hat, armed with a horn, lantern and halberd and thus will guide the group through Nuremberg's eventful...[more]

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