Guided Tours

Nürnberger Altstadtrundfahrten

Old Town Tour

Old Town Tour with the City Mini Train

In 1835 the first German tailwa started operations with the legendary "Adler" locomotive from Nuremberg to Fürth. Over 150 years later the first motorized train drives through a city charged with history, where time has never stopped.


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Multimedia BUSiness City Tours Nuremberg

Multimedia BUSiness City Tours Nuremberg

Experience more than 1000-years of history in comfort in our original Berlin double decker bus. Our city tour with entertaining live moderation offers a comprehensive and impressive overall picture of the history of Nuremberg.

Nuremberg City Tour with NEUKAM-REBA

Nuremberg City Tour with NEUKAM-REBA

Enjoy an immortal town with the Nuremberg City Tour with the coach of NEUKAM-REBA. During the city coach sightseeing tour which is accompanied by qualified and multi-lingual tour guides (mainly German & English) you will discover...[more]

Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds, Photo: © Uwe Niklas

Bus Video Tour - From the Nazi Party Rally Grounds to the Nuremberg Trials

Take the opportunity to view for yourself the gigantomania of Adolf Hitler's propaganda plan in a multimedia bus tour in English language with several historic movies shown on large screens in the bus. 


[Translate to Englisch:] Tiergärtnertorplatz ©Uwe Niklas

Nuremberg: City of Empires

Tours in English

Discover a truly extraordinary place: beautiful and prosperous medieval walled city, center of the Holy Roman Empire, cradle of the German Renaissance, Temple city of the Third Reich, and home to both the...[more]

Nuremberg Bratwurst © CTZ Nürnberg

Bratwurst Tour

A City Tour to "Sausage-Significant" Places

Learn about the history of the Nuremberg bratwurst and get answers to questions such as: How long have the citizens of Nuremberg eaten bratwurst? Why are the sausages...[more]

Red Beer in Deep Cellars

Nuremberg's rock-cut cellars - early brewing tradition

Homemade beer and the brewing tradition is the big theme at the start of this tour through the rock-cut cellars. The tour ends with a beer tasting and a visit in the craft...[more]

Nuremberg Treasures

Nuremberg Treasures

Search for traces of Nuremberg`s secrets together with us.

View to the Nassauer Haus (Nassauer House)

Historische Meile (Nuremberg's Historical Mile)

NUEREMBERG’S HISTORICAL MILE highlights the major architectural and artistic landmarks of an historic city whose Golden Age was the late Middle Ages and which has been substantially rebuilt since the devastation of of Wolrd War II...[more]

SightRunning Tour Nuremberg ©Jan Kobel

SightRunning Nuremberg

Run with us through Nuremberg and you will experience a completely different way to get closer to the city and its attractions!

The Taste of Nuremberg

The Taste of Nuremberg

A city is not only defined by its history, but also by its culinary delights. Would you like to experience the taste of Nuremberg? Our tours are walking tours combined with a tasting of food-samples in the old city of Nuremberg or in...[more]

[Translate to Englisch:] © Geschichte Für Alle e. V.

"Red Beer and Blue Sausages": A Culinary Walk

City Tour for Groups in Nuremberg

Why are bratwurst called bratwurst and what is special about Nuremberg gingerbread?How long have women cooked raviloi in Nuremberg and how much meat did the citizens of Nuremberg...[more]

The Lady Nightwatchman of Nuremberg

The Lady Nightwatchman

The motto of the tours is "let history come alive with stories". The Lady Nightwathman is clad in cloak and hat, armed with a horn, lantern and halberd and thus will guide the group through Nuremberg's eventful past.