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Hexagonal Water Pavilion

July 1 - September 30, 2017

Since 2012 the New Museum shows Jeppe Heins interactive water pavilion "Hexagonal Water Pavilion" every summer, delights young and old, tall and small and fills the Klarissenplatz with a cheerful atmosphere.

The form of the water pavilion is deduced from the isometric view of a cube, composed of ten interior water walls surrounded by six perimeter walls, giving the top view the appearance of a cube nested in a hexagonal structure. The 2.5-metre-high water walls systematically rise and fall, delineating all possible configurations of the space in defined sequences before changing shape and appearance. Initially the pavilion looks inaccessible, but soon it becomes evident that the wall of water is divided into sections and the visitors are able to move between spaces within the structure. Visitors find themselves enclosed in ever-changing interior spaces or suddenly pushed to the exterior, without any means to control the confinement or exclusion.

In summer, when artist Jeppe Hein’s water pavilion is set up again, the Klarissenplatz in front of the State Museum of Art and Design becomes a magnet for families. Whooping and shrieking with laughter, children hop between the jets of water - and adults are likely to follow! 

Tip: Just in case, bring a towel or a change of clothes with you!

Date: July 1 - September 30, 2017

Place: Klarissenplatz, Nuremberg (New Museum)

Free entry!



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