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Your must-see guide – the Top 10

Imperial Castle in Nuremberg at night

We have put together the most important highlights of the magic city of Nuremberg for you. Come with us on a stroll through the eventful history of Nuremberg, from the Kaiserburg to underground Nuremberg...


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Tower of the Senses Nuremberg

Tower of the Senses

The Nuremberg Tower of the Senses is not a museum in the classic sense, but an experimental science center. In six stories of the "Mohrenturm" in the Nuremberg city wall, visitors can – through their own...[more]

Fulldome-Technologie - Planetarium Nuremberg (Photo: Planetarium Nürnberg)

Planetarium and Sternwarte Observatory

Fascinatingly close to the stars above – in Bavaria's largest planetarium. While sitting in comfortable seats in an air-conditioned 18-meter diameter domed hall you can not only watch a faithful reproduction of the starlit sky displayed...[more]

Toy Museum in Nuremberg (© Spielzeugmuseum, Museen der Stadt Nürnberg)

Toy Museum

A day at the Nuremberg Toy Museum is an unforgettable journey into the past: Young and old will be amazed by precious dollhouses or toy cars from the 1950s. Toys from Grandmother's time invite you to play in the more than 700 m²-large...[more]

Germanische Nationalmuseum Nuremberg (©  Uwe Niklas)

Germanisches Nationalmusuem

What kind of clothing was worn in the past? How did people live and work? What did they use to make music, play or fight? What did they invent and what sort of scientific instruments did they use in their research? In the Germanisches...[more]

The Imperial Castle illuminated during the Blue Night. (© CTZ Nürnberg)

"Blaue Nacht": Blue Night

May 7, 2016

Blue street lights and blue lighting on façades are – and remain – the symbol of the Blue Night. Every year in May, the Old Town of Nuremberg is bathed in blue light and filled with fascinating art installations....[more]

DB Museum in Nuremberg (© DB Museum, Mike Beims)

DB Museum

The DB Museum Nuremberg is the oldest train museum in the world and, in the opinion of many visitors, one of the best. Generations of children have been amazed by the replica of the “Adler”, Ludwig II’s royal court...[more]

Falconry Rösner (© Erlebnispark Schloss Thurn GmbH & Co Erlebnispark KG)

Medieval Castle Moat Festival (Mittelalterliches Burggrabenfest)

September 9 to 11, 2016

Schloss Thurn presents the medieval festival for the whole family! Sword fights, fire-breathers, traders and entertainers with their racket and row will carry you off to a mystical world of the past.


Theater Mummpitz

For 32 years Theater Mummpitz in the Children's Cultural Center in the Kachelbau has produced committed and refreshing theater for children, young people and their parents!

Albrecht Dürer House in Nuremberg (© Birgit Fuder)

Albrecht Dürer's House

In 1484, when he was only 13 years old, Albrecht Dürer drew his first self-portrait – not necessarily "normal" behavior for a teenager. At 13, Dürer had already left school and was, as his father’s...[more]