Christmas Market

Market of the Sister Cities

November 28 until December 23, 2014

Since the Middle Ages, Nuremberg has been well-known for its internationality: Craftsmen and artists from all over the world settled the city and Nuremberg merchants sold their products throughout Europe. After teh second World War, Nuremberg strove for international contact as a contribution to international understanding and European unity; Nuremberg has dealt intensely with the past and the causes of the fact that Nuremberg is associated with...[more]

Further information on the Christmas Market

The Christmas Angel at the Children´s Market

The Nuremberg "Christkind"

Each Nuremberg "Christkind" is the ambassador of the city of Nuremberg for two years, and in the period before Christmas has a full appointment schedule. As well as daily appearances at the Christmas Market and the Children´s...[more]

Tinsel angel

Our tip: tinsel angel

For a traditionalist, the famous Nuremberg tinsel angel does not belong on the mantelpiece, but on the top of the Christmas tree. It is folded from paper or metal foil and folds its arms unter the top of its colourful robes. But luckily...[more]

Nuremberg illuminations

November 27, 2014

The traditional opening event to switch on the Christmas illuminations, and of the motto of the "Nuremberg illuminations", takes place every year at the Ludwigsplatz on the Thursday before the...[more]


Our tip: Feuerzangenbowle

The word Feuerzangenbowle (literally "fire tongs punch") cannot really be translated. And it is quite probable that, like bratwurst and sauerkraut, it will enter international vocabulary in a few years. Because more and more...[more]