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Nuremberg Specialties (Photo: Steffen Oliver Riese)

Nuremberg – more than almost any other city in Germany – stands for culinary delights. The town is known worldwide for its finger-sized sausages. The delicious Nuremberg bratwurst is a not-to-be-missed treat. As “3 im Weggla“ you can nibble them, packed in a crispy bun, right out of your hand. The proper way to eat them is in a historical bratwurst kitchen: served on a pewter plate with a fresh beer.

If you visit Nuremberg in spring or autumn, you shouldn’t miss the traditional...[more]

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Franconian Carp (Photo: © FrankenTourismus / STE)

Franconian Carp

Some curiosities have a long historical tradition – like the Franconian carp. Actually, it makes no sense to create fish ponds in an area that is usually short on water.

Nuremberg Lebkuchen (Photo: Lebkuchen Schmidt)

Nuremberg Lebkuchen

They are world-famous and inseparably tied to Christmas– Nuremberg Lebkuchen or gingerbread! These internationally-known delicacies were first baked by Franconian monks, who created this sweet baked good as early as the 14th century.

Franconian Beer (Photo: Sabine Isameier)

Franconian Beer

For centuries, Nuremberg has been an important city for brewing beer. Whether light, dark or the traditional red – you’ll find something for every taste here. The most famous and popular breweries are the Tucher Traditionsbrauerei,...[more]

Nuremberg Brawurst (Photo: Birgit Fuder)

Nuremberg Bratwurst - "3 im Weggla"

If you’re visiting Nuremberg, you must try Nuremberg Bratwurst – then you’ll discover why these delicious sausages are known and loved far beyond the borders of Germany!

Franconian Asparagus

Franconian Asparagus

Asparagus stands for healthy indulgence. It not only tastes great, it is also filled with vitamins and other healthy ingredients. Asparagus is a perennial plant whose roots survive the winter buried under the earth. Each spring, the...[more]

Schäufele (Photo: Steffen Oliver Riese)

Oven-fresh "Schäufele"

Franconian “Schäufele” – pork shoulder – is a typical Sunday meal in the region. The dish is prepared from a pork shoulder complete with bone and rind. The meat is tender and the rind is crisp and crunchy. It is the real treat for a...[more]