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Food and Drink in Nuremberg

© Uwe Niklas

More than another city in Germany, Nuremberg stands for culinary delights. While gingerbread is most popular during the Christmas season, the city's finger-sized sausages can be enjoyed all year long. Franconian specialties such as a crisy "Schäufele" pork shoulder or pan-fried carp are also worth a try. A cool beer from a small and privatley owned Franconian brewery is always the right accompaniment.


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Historic Rock-Cut Cellars

Historische Felsengänge (Historic Rock-Cut Cellars)

The history of Nuremberg is inseparable from the history of beer. At the end of a tour of the historic undergraound rock-cut cellars and the Hausbrauerei Alstadthof, you can try a traditional Nuremberg red beer.

Nuremberg Brawurst (Photo: Angela Ditze)

Nuremberg Bratwurst

If you’re visiting Nuremberg, you must try Nuremberg Bratwurst – then you’ll discover why these delicious sausages are known and loved far beyond the borders of Germany!


Ingrid Neef - confiserie café neef

My passion for everything sweet came to me from my family. It's no surprise: After all, I was vorn as an offspring of the family that owns the Nuremberg confextionary Café Beer. Early on, I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my mother...[more]

We are Nuremberg's Culinary Variety

In 2016, everything in Nuremberg focuses on our tourism theme for the year: "Cuisine". This embraces both Nuremberg specialties and the wide-ranging gastronomic landscape in the city. But what would these be without the people...[more]

[Translate to Englisch:] Rezept: Karpfen an Zucchini-Bagger - Volker Thiel, Böhm's Herrenkeller

Recipe: Fried Carp Filet on Zucchini Pancakes with Lingonberry-Horseradish

Carp are a Franconian specialty like no other fish. They are traditionally only served in month with an "r" in the name (September to April). This recipe from Volker Thiel reinterprets the carp on a modern style....[more]

Franconian wine Photo: © FrankenTourismus

Franconian Wine

Franconia is the land of beer, but also the land of wine. The Franconian wine culture, with its more than 1200 years of history, has a long tradition. Goethe loved Franconian wine and ordered it shipped to him by the bottle.


Franconian Beer Festival

June 14 - 18, 2017

The Franconian Beer Festival takes place in the wonderful atmosphere of the Nuremberg castle moat. Forty local breweries serve more than 100 delicious types of beer.

[Translate to Englisch:] Walter Heiselbetz - Lebkuchen Schmidt © Ute Wünsch

Walter Heiselbetz - Lebkuchen Schmidt

I was born in the Upper Palatinate. In my youth, I was already responsible for making desserts at home. I enjoyed that very much and they were always well received by my family. That's why I already knew what I wanted to be while I was...[more]

[Translate to Englisch:] Volker Thiel - Restaurant Böhm's Herrenkeller, Foto: © Ute Wünsch

Volker Thiel - Böhm's Herrenkeller

As the son of a long-standing restaurant and butcher shop family, I grew up in a small town in the Franconian forest and was infected there by the gastronomy virus at a very young age. So it was clear that I would become a cook and I...[more]