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Food and Drink in Nuremberg

© Uwe Niklas

More than another city in Germany, Nuremberg stands for culinary delights. While gingerbread is most popular during the Christmas season, the city's finger-sized sausages can be enjoyed all year long. Franconian specialties such as a crisy "Schäufele" pork shoulder or pan-fried carp are also worth a try. A cool beer from a small and privatley owned Franconian brewery is always the right accompaniment.


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Nuremberg Bratwurst © CTZ Nürnberg

Bratwurst Tour

A City Tour to "Sausage-Significant" Places

Learn about the history of the Nuremberg bratwurst and get answers to questions such as: How long have the citizens of Nuremberg eaten bratwurst? Why are the sausages...[more]

Peter Kolb - Brezen Kolb

My name is Peter Kolb and I am owner of the traditional Nuremberg firm "Brezen Kolb". It is easy to guess from my surname that this pretzel-baking company was brought to life and formed by my family - now for more than 30...[more]

Recipe: "Elisenlebkuchen" Gingerbread

Just like Café neef, gingerbread belongs to Nuremberg - like no other baked good. No wonder that together they are a recipe for success. In addition to interesting gingerbread variatons such as one with rum-punch flavor, at neef you can...[more]

Bernhard Steichele - The Steichele

I was born on November 12, 1975 in the Hallerwiese Hospital, which is as close to the Old Town as you can get. I, together with my sister Veronika, spent my childhood both with my grandparents in Vorra and here in Nuremberg. Our...[more]

[Translate to Englisch:] Oliver Kirschner - Gelbes Haus, Foto: © Ute Wünsch

Oliver Kirschner - Gelbes Haus

Mr. Kirschner - that's me - was born on September 10, 1958 in Nuremberg. Really!

I'll shorten the life story of Mr. K. und only tell you this: After a certain disagreement in my parent's home on the Starnberg Lake, I left and...[more]

Franconian horseradish (© Schamel Meerrettich)

Franconian Horseradish

Horseradish has alwasy ben a part of Frnconian cuisine and refines fish and meat - such as the famous Nuremberg bratwurst - and naturally also sauces and salads. The fertile soil between Bamberg, Nuremberg and the Steigerwald Forst is...[more]

[Translate to Englisch:] Walter Heiselbetz - Lebkuchen Schmidt © Ute Wünsch

Walter Heiselbetz - Lebkuchen Schmidt

I was born in the Upper Palatinate. In my youth, I was already responsible for making desserts at home. I enjoyed that very much and they were always well received by my family. That's why I already knew what I wanted to be while I was...[more]

[Translate to Englisch:] Whisky Produktion in Nürnberg (© Hausbrauerei Altstadthof)

Epicenter of the German Whisky Scene

It's not only beer, sausages and gingerbread which are culinary symbols of Nuremberg: The city has become the epicenter of the German whisky scene. And for good reasons! Germany's oldest whisky club, excellent organic single malt...[more]

Culinary experiences at the Nuremberg Old Town Festival © Uwe Niklas

Culinary Experiences

In Nuremberg, you can have a culinary adventure not only by eating and drinking, but by experiencing it with all your senses. Get to know the culinary uniqueness of the city during a specially-themed tour. Here, you'll not only learn...[more]