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View over Nuremberg

If you would like to combine a walking tour with a bus tour (own coach is needed), this is the right one for you.

Just the ticket for those wanting to explore the historic Old Town on foot yet not missing out on the cities famous sights that are a little further afield. This is a combination coach and walking tour providing the visitor with a comprehensive picture of the City and its historic sights (your own coach is needed!). Outdoor facilities of the Nuremberg Castle, St....Information & booking

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View to the Dutzendteich

Coach Tours

Tours of Nuremberg with your own bus or a charter bus, we will help you discover more than just the Old Town of Nuremberg.

Take a guided coach tour through the historic Old Town with frequent stops allowing you to explore...Information & booking

The Former Nazi Pary Rally Grounds (Photo Geschichte für Alle e.V.)

The Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds

Up to the present day the "Nuremberg Rallies", the "Nuremberg Laws" and the "Nurember Trials" link the city's name to the period of Nazi rule. The tour, guided by Geschichte Für Alle e.V.,  presents...Information & booking

City-Tour in Historical Costumes

Join the Empress Elisabeth of Pomerania, wife of Charles IV, and noble woman Helene Scheurl neé Tucher on an amusing walk through the old city of Nuremberg. These two charming ladies will lure you back in time. Encounter a city full of...Information & booking

Old Town Walking Tour

Old Town Walking Tour

This general Nuremberg walking tour for groups lasts between two, three or four hours.

Nuremberg's classic tour not only for groups, discovering the most important and famous attractions in the old town area. Tours of the...Information & booking